Water and oil-repellent protection for porous surfaces

Stone Protector from Toscana Vernici is a water and oil-repellent treatment for porous surfaces such as cement, reconstructed stone, terracotta, natural stone, exposed brickwork, tiles, tuff, concrete surfaces, and stonework in general.
The treatment penetrates deeply through the network of pores in the material. It is invisible when dry and does not change the original appearance of the surface. However, the surface remains permeable to vapour and retains its breathable qualities. The protector is chemically stable and does not alter as a result of exposure to U.V. rays.
It gives the surface a very significant “drop effect”.


Conditions of use

The surfaces to be treated must be clean and undamaged.
The product is ready for use and should be applied to surfaces which are completely dry, preferably cool, and in any case not exposed to strong sunlight. The product can be applied using either a low pressure airless-type aerograph, or a paintbrush or roller.
The maximum water and oil-repellent effect is achieved when the surface is impregnated to saturation point, but excellent results can also be obtained by applying just two successive coats of the product, wet-on-wet.
The optimal amount to apply to obtain the desired result can be estimated by doing a prelimary test on a small area. Complete oil and water repellent protection is achieved 24 hours after application of the product.
N.B. Shake the product well before use. Protect all plants and surfaces which are not to be treated.

Consumption and yeald

Product yield depends on the type of material to be treated. The variations can be very great both between different types of materials, and between materials in the same “family”. One can reckon on an average consumption of between 0.1 and 0.3 litres per square metre.
To arrive at an accurate estimate of consumption, it is advisable to do a preliminary test on an area measuring 1-2 square metres.