Surface cleaning of metal

Chrome parts or finishes should only ever be cleaned with neutral soap and water and using a sponge or soft cloth. The use of anti-limescale products which are too acid or too abrasive can damage the chrome plating and cause it to lose its shine. To help keep your metal surface clean and shiny, we recommend a nanotechnology treatment from the Glass Protector Inox line produced by Toscana Vernici.

General characteristics

Glass Protector Inox is an alcohol-based product which forms a chemical bond with the surface being treated
(taps, stainless steel sinks, hob tops etc.)

Conditions of use

The surfaces to be treated should be completely clean and free of grease. Spray the products onto the surfaces and rub it quickly and evenly for about 40 seconds using a paper napkin. If the product evaporates before the surface has been polished, it will need to be re-applied.