“Post-laying” cleaning of cement grout

“Post-laying” cleaning is vitally important after the floor is finished.
If the grout residue is not fully cleaned off, or removed too late, it can leave stains which are hard to eliminate. These create a cement film on the floor which absorbs dirt, giving the impression that the tiling material itself is dirty. To remove all traces of cement grout, wash the floor with a solution of water and buffering acid. First, vacuum the surface thoroughly to eliminate all the residual dust. To ensure that the product does not erode the joints, wet the floor before beginning the cleaning process. Dilute the product in a bucket (the strength of dilution will vary according to the level of dirt and the type of acid). Spread the solution over the surface to be treated. The floor should be thoroughly wet. Rub the floor with a regular action using a green abrasive pad. Leave the solution to act for at least 10-15 minutes. Rinse the surface with fresh water to help loosen the dirt. Dry throughout. The operation can be repeated if necessary.


We suggest you do a preliminary wash on a sample surface, and if the result is good, extend the cleaning to the whole floor. Once the cleaning process described above has been carried out, you will need to give the floor a normal or alkaline wash using a degreasing detergent. This is because the acid wash can leave a greasy film on the floor which may help to attract dirt.
On all lapped flooring that is not acid-resistant, the post-laying cleaning process should be carried out using a normal detergent.