Invisible molecular anti-slip treatment

To eliminate problems of slipping on a variety of surfaces, both interior and exterior, we recommend the use of a special nanotech treatment: Protector Antiscivolo from Toscana Vernici.
Protector Antiscivolo is an invisible molecular anti-slip treatment: water-based and eco-friendly. It has been designed to reduce the incidence of slips and falls on those types of flooring which can become dangerous when wet.


The anti-slip treatment modifies the material itself at a structural level, creating millions of micropores invisible to the human eye. Pressure from a foot causes the water which has gathered in tiny cracks to be expelled, creating a suction effect.


Swimming-pools, changing-rooms, gyms, Hotels, holiday flats, Hospitals, kitchens, Shopping centres, fast food outlets, Schools, nurseries, recreation centres, Residential streets, ramps, Glazed porcelain baths and shower bases.

Conditions of use:

1) Remove all grease from the area to be treated, using a suitable detergent. The surface must be completely clean.
2) Apply the product evenly using a paintbrush or sponge.
3) Wait about 10 minutes.
4) Rinse thoroughly with water, repeating several times if necessary.

NB: Wear protective clothing and gloves, including protection for the eyes and face.