Everyday cleaning

After completing the “post-laying” cleaning process, everyday washing of the floor should be carried out using normal detergents or de-greasers diluted in warm water, following the method outlined on the container. You are advised to pay special attention to rinsing and drying the floor: this enables you to remove any residual dirt and prevents the accumulation of layers of lime-scale from the washing process.

Suggested product: Bonamain +


We strongly discourage the use of wax, greasy soaps, impregnating agents and various treatments (water and oil repellents) on porcelain stoneware tiles, which do not require any such applications. Some of the detergents commonly found on sale contain waxes and polishing additives, which can leave a shiny patina on the floor after a number of washes. It sometimes only needs a drop of some liquid such as cola, wine, or even water to fall on the floor for this patina to disappear, reinstating the original appearance of the tile and giving a stained effect in certain areas. When this occurs, you will need to de-wax the floor, using the de-waxing product related to the type of wax applied, and following the manufacturer’s instructions.