Cleaning procedures and treatments for box showers and bathroom fixtures

For the easy removal of limescale from box showers and bathroom fixtures, we recommend the use of Bonaclean in a 10% solution.
Also, to facilitate the cleaning process and so reduce both the time involved and the need to use 90% chemical products, we advise the application of a Bonaeasy nanotech treatment.

General characteristics

It is a surface covering which enables easy cleaning, and can be applied either with a spray or by hand. The silane polymers form a silicone coating. Drops of water and lime residues from soap products are unable to adhere to the treated surface. The product is very easy to apply and has no effect on appearance as it becomes part of the surface itself. It is suitable for use on box showers, wall tiles, glass panels, glazed surfaces, changing-room walls, swimming-pools, etc.

Conditions of use

Clean the surfaces thoroughly, taking care to remove any oil, grease or detergent residues.

Manual application:

Using a spray, apply onto the surfaces to be treated at the rate of 10 to 15 ml per m², and spread evenly with a cloth. A coating will have formed within 30 minutes and will be firm to the touch.