Anti-dirt protection for porcelain stoneware

PP Flooring Protector

This flooring protector is an alcohol-based, nanotech product from Toscana Vernici. It forms a chemical bond with the surfaces to be treated (ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware and glass mosaics), making the surfaces non-stick and dirt-resistant and so facilitating the removal of stains and limescale. It is also ideal for pre-treating areas prior to the application of epoxy grout. The product is antibacterial. The surfaces to be treated must be completely clean and free from grease. The strength, durability and scratch-resistance of the coating depend on the extent to which the flooring protector is able to form a chemical bond with the surface. Surfaces which are properly cleaned and correctly treated will have optimal strength and durability.


Conditions of use

Avoid applying the product to surfaces directly exposed to the sun. To enable you to polish the surface relatively quickly, only apply to small areas at a time. Rub evenly for at least 40 seconds, using a paper napkin. If the solvent evaporates before polishing, the product will need to be re-applied.

Consumption and yield

Yield: Depending on the condition of the surface, a maximum of 20 grams per m²